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Salamanca was named Heritage City of Humanity and European Cultural Capital in 2002. It is located in western Spain, in the frontier with Portugal. Its attraction is based in the beauty of its monuments and the mix of races that come together in its ´Plaza Mayor´ (main square). Its history has been marked by its deeply rooted university tradition.

Salamanca is one of the Spanish cities with the largest amount of monuments and it has one of the most important sets of historical monuments in Spain. A large number of leisure and cultural activities has been developed in this city. New museums have opened and important celebrations have taken place here such as the 4th phase of the ´Edades del Hombre´ (the ages of humankind) in 1993-1994.

Wandering inside the city of Salamanca allows you to enjoy a truly exceptional architectonic spectacle. It offers the visitor the possibility to contemplate all different architectonic styles. Its buildings have been built with stone from Villamayor and they give Salamanca its own personality and a characteristic golden shade. The impressive artistic and monument heritage in its old quarter is one of the main reasons why tourists visit it. It was once surrounded by medieval walls, sections of which have been recovered in the last few years.

Nowadays, Salamanca is a city with an intense university and cultural life which goes beyond its geographic limits. This city received the title of "Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO on 9 December 1988 has become an essential reference both nationally and internationally.